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Our non-contact linear position sensors are available as standard with 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm or 800mm measurement range, all with either 0-10V or 4…20mA output signal. Linear Position Sensor Non Contact | Displacement Sensor. The Non-Contact Magnetostrictive Linear Transducer by Transducers Direct is a highly accurate non-contact linear position sensor in an economical package. Gill Position Sensors use induction technology to detect the position of a metallic target (referred to as the 'activator') which is mounted to or machined into the moving part of the application. Novanta's common shares are quoted on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol "NOVT. Although there is a trend towards non-contact sensors, potentiometers (‘pots’) are still widely used in lower-end applications. Customised non-contact linear position sensors are also available – please contact us with your requirements. They are available in rotary, linear or curvilinear forms and are generally compact and lightweight. AN9 Series Angle Position Sensors Features • Angular position sensor with high tolerance for misalignment • Non-contact angular position sensing and full 360° rotation Linear displacement, rotational (single- and multi-turn), and kit design options all provide a full 360° measurement range with no dead angles and very long life, since there is no wear and tear on sensor elements. Technology - Non-Contact Position Sensors. Whether your application requires a digital on/off confirmation of position or continuous monitoring of relative positions with analog or digital outputs, Sensor Solutions offers a variety of magnetic sensing solutions. Honeywell SMART Position Sensors (Superior Measurement, Accuracy, Reliability, and Thinking) enable highly accurate motion control, improving operational efficiency and safety. Their compact yet sturdy design makes them well-suited for industrial, robotics and laboratory use. 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It also has an internal amplifier to boost the output to a higher level. 1-508-485-2244. Amongst wide variety of sensors operating on different sensing principles and used in different applications, position sensors play an important role in different systems. By continuing to view this site without changing your web browser settings, you agree to our use of cookies. Our non-contact linear position sensors are available as standard with 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm or 800mm measurement range, all with either 0-10V or 4…20mA output signal. The BTL magnetostrictive linear position sensors from Balluff in a profile design are non-contacting and absolute measuring systems for precisely detecting one or more positions. The magnetic encoders are affixed to a traveling body. Piher rotary contactless absolute angle sensors and hall effect linear position sensors can be sealed and flange mounted for easy positioning when necessary. Linear position sensor with 200mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 300mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 400mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 500mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 600mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 700mm measurement range, Linear position sensor with 800mm measurement range. The contact based sensors are Limit Switches and Resistance based position sensors. The Company provides innovative and enabling solutions with photonics, vision, and precision motion technologies. The output is a linear analogue signal, directly proportional to the position os the metallic part. Sensors - Position: Non-contacting For use in harsh environments, Vishay offers non-contacting position sensors based on Hall Effect technology. By having magnet as a target, this unit produces a Ratio-metric Rail-To-Rail linear output. Renesas’ no contact, magnet-free inductive position sensor ICs interface with thin PCB-based coils and a metallic target to determine position and provide accurate position data back to the system. A non-contact linear position center has juxtaposed transmit and receive sections with a coupler or slider section interposed therebetween carrying a symmetrical attenuating conductive pattern. Linearity: 0.0250 ±% Full Scale This website uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience and site functionality, and provides us with enhanced site analytics. Contact based sensors provide simple and low cost solutions in applications where physical contact with the object is acceptable. For applications where a contact gauging sensor or Confocal is unsuitable, Solartron offers a range of high performance or low cost Non-Contact Laser Triangulation Transducers. Non-contact Devices; As the name indicates, the contact types of position sensors have the physical contact with the measurand. LinTran Linear Position Sensors LinTran inductive non-contact linear position sensors are designed to provide high-accuracy position measurements under difficult environmental conditions. Novanta is a trusted technology partner to original equipment manufacturers in the medical and advanced industrial technology markets. Linear position sensor MLX90365 non-contact magnetic analog. They provide a linear change in voltage output (ratiometric to the input voltage) corresponding to an angular rotation of the input shaft. Description. LinTran inductive non-contact linear position sensors are designed to provide high-accuracy position measurements under difficult environmental conditions. Non-contact linear sensors have an analog output that is proportional to the damping target distance. To learn more, please view our privacy policy.OK, Light Industrial – Precision Machining Spindles, Inductive Encoder Specification Requirements, Position Sensors – Choosing the right sensor, Absolute Encoders vs. These inductive, contactless solutions offer significant advantages in cost, temperature range, reliability, design flexibility, and immunity to magnetic stray fields. Compare this product. Laser distance sensors for extra long ranges. A non-contact linear absolute position sensor includes a first magnetic encoder having n+1 pole pairs, a second magnetic encoder having n pole pairs and located and aligned with the first magnetic encoder so as to cover a linear distance. Novotechnik manufactures magnetostrictive, inductive and Hall effect non-contacting sensor products. Description: The MicroSense model 8810 is a non-contact precision position sensor.The 8810 is designed for best linearity and stability, with measurement bandwidth up to 20 kHz – ideal for servo system position feedback and fast tool servo applications New model features ultra low . BX, BY and BZ). Pots measure a voltage drop as a contact (s) slides along a resistive track. Non-contact position sensors based on Eddy currents measure the linear or angular position of an object without any physical contact. Please select a non-contact linear position sensor below to view and purchase online. indicative price. The MLX90365 is sensitive to the three components of the flux density applied to the IC (i.e. Their compact yet sturdy design makes them well-suited for industrial, robotics and laboratory use. Implementing the Novostrictive touchless magnetostrictive measuring process, these sensors measure positions using a passive position marker that can be moved as a free-floating element. This solution is fully compatible with the Orbit® Measurement Network. These sensors are used for positioning and type … Product Details. Characteristics Type linear Contact / non-contact non-contact Technology magnetic Output signal analog. Linear measurement sensors from SICK use highly innovative technologies for the non-contact measurement of positions, speeds, and lengths. Non- contact magnetic sensors that are designed to respond to a wide range of positive or negative magnetic fields and can sense relatively small changes in a magnetic field. The TMI Series of non-contact linear position sensors from Novotechnik offers rod-style position sensors designed for integration into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. NOVOSTRICTIVE™ technology provides unique advantages for linear position measurement applications. The PSIL15 is a non-contact linear sensor manufactured for industrial applications requiring long term stability in a harsh environment. There are different non-contact sensor technologies, they have different principles and are suitable for different applications. The OLM sensors' camera-based system determines the current position based on a mounted bar code tape. Currently, the use of non-contact technology in the field of precision measurement is rapidly growing. It senses the position of a magnet relative to the sensor in three available sensing ranges, thus being a helpful solution in transportation, industrial, and aerospace industries. Configurable 100mm measurement range; Sense through up to 20mm of non-ferrous material; 5kHz Update Rate; Thermally stable across a wide temperature range This patented inductive technology allows customization for specific applications that may require small objects to measure. They provide excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability under extreme environment conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic noise, shock, extreme temperatures / humidity, dither, moisture or dirt. Sensors are very important organs of any measurement system. They collect data from the surroundings/ physical parameter and provide electrical signal as the input to the systems. Non-contact position can be measured using several different magnetic sensor types. A robust, lightweight linear position sensor with a 100mm measurement range.

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