Exclusive Interview with Jason Nelson by Christopher Heron (2018)
Exclusive Interview with Jason Nelson by Christopher Heron


As a powerful preacher, dedicated pastor and prolific recording artist, Jason Nelson has shown his propensity towards a divine purpose. That calling is completely connected to Christ. Nelson is deeply driven and devoted to elevating the Savior, as a solution to all oncoming crisis.

It’s the running theme and consistent adage in, The Answer, Jason’s fifth, faith-based project that’s sure to shift the atmosphere. BlackGospel.com borrowed a few precious minutes from Jason’s busy schedule to discuss some fun facts, his new album and embracing his calling to keeping Christ at the forefront.
Christopher Heron: Let’s start with a couple of fun-filled questions. For instance, besides your twin brother, Jonathan, is there another recording artist that you’re close to?
Jason Nelson: That’s a very long list [laugh]. I would probably say William McDowell if I had to give a name.
Christopher Heron: Are you a Washington Wizards fan, a Cavaliers fans or maybe you’ve got another team you’re riding in the playoffs?
Jason Nelson: Oh, no, no. I’m definitely not a Cavaliers fan. I’m a fan of the Wizards but I don’t know how much of a Wizards fan I am. I’m really a Lakers fan and I’ve been one since I was 10 years old. My son wants me to say Golden State, but I’m really a Lakers fan.
Christopher Heron: We know Jason Nelson can sing and we know he can preach from the pulpit. Is there another unspoken, unknown gift that you’ve got that would surprise us?
Jason Nelson 2018
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson: I love these questions. Well, I don’t know how many people know that I’m a musician. I do play bass and I’ve done that for many years. I love basketball, I love playing basketball. I have a pretty good jumper but you don’t want to eat my cooking.
Christopher Heron: Let’s jump into some questions about the album. I absolutely love the song Forever. It’s a bona fide love song to Jesus. You and your wife, Tonya, penned this beautiful song. Was it always intended to be a vertical declaration of love to Jesus? The song could easily be sung at weddings.
Jason Nelson: Yeah. It is written to be a love song but one quick correction, it’s God’s love to us and not from us to God.  That was always the intention, but we knew the audience would listen to the song and say this is something that applies to my marriage and to my relationship, but the song wasn’t written with that intent.
Christopher Heron: After listening to a few more songs like In the Room, You’ve Got Me, the Andrae Crouch classic Jesus Is The Answer, and the title track The Answer, all have that recurring theme that Jesus truly is ‘The Answer’. Was that the driving theme behind the album?
Jason Nelson: Absolutely. The record was really written around that concept. It was a solution-based record. Let me say it like that. It was written with the idea of providing the Levites with competent answers to questions we ask on a regular basis about our walk with Christ.
Jason Nelson 2018
Jason Nelson

Christopher Heron: You introduce two women of worship on your new album, Naomi Raine and Maranda Curtis. Tell us a little bit about these anointed women and why they had to be part of this project.

Jason Nelson: Maranda has been a friend and ‘sister’ for more years than I can remember. We’ve always had a very good relationship. The way she transmits her heart for God has always been astonishing to me. With Naomi Raine, I was doing a worship set at a church near Baltimore. I watched her stand on that stage. She didn’t jump around, she just stood there playing the guitar and shifted the atmosphere of that entire room.  It was something that I always remembered.
When we considered who could sing on the record, we listened to to the song, Help Me.  The song was written from a perspective of the woman with the issue of blood. I wanted to have a woman who could minister with the right heart, the right intention, and also with the vocal ability I anticipated and Naomi met all those qualifications. 
Christopher Heron: I love your song with your brother Jonathan, Faith For That. Was that a song that you’ve been playing around with since you were both kids and finally decided to record it or is it something new?
Jason Nelson: I wish it was that simple [laugh]. We wrote that song with the intention of delivering a different mindset to the whole worship experience. We wrote the song together with the anticipation that it would be a blessing and it literally was. It went way beyond our expectation.
Jason Nelson 2018
Jason Nelson

Christopher Heron: Let me conclude with a final question. It’s easy to get caught up with the business of recording an album. The studio time, the mixing and mastering, the tedious marketing, but when you reflect back on this journey, your fifth album to date, are you still excited about ministry through music?

Jason Nelson: Absolutely…as long as you know what you were born to do. Sometimes the process makes you question how many times you want to do this but it doesn’t alter the fact of your purpose. Part of my assignment on Earth is to share the Gospel and do it through preaching and singing. So the process doesn’t deter me, but it is a bit tedious, I will admit.
For more information on recording artist and Pastor Jason Nelson & the new album, The Answer, visit his official website @ www.jnelsononline.com. The new album is available on all digital music platforms, May 18, 2018.

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