First full day of SEWE kicks of with live animals

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Day two of the 40th anniversary of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) kicked off, showcasing dozens of animals in Marion Square.

“We are gonna have a variety of reptiles, mammals and birds of prey,” says wildlife experts with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary, based in Jupiter, Florida took over Marion Square, like two year old American alligator, “Ramen.”

“This guy was being kept illegally. He wasn’t being kept in the best conditions. He is a little bit stunted; he should be larger with more meat on his bones,” says Amy Kight, the Executive Director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kight says their goal is to help re-habilitate animals and educate the public about the roles that each animal plays in the environment. Other rescuers want people to know how our actions impact the animal world, like “Chewie” an eastern screech owl who was given a second chance thanks to his rescuers.

“His left eye there is missing. He was struck by a car so that’s how he is with us now, but he is living the good life now coming to SEWE,” says Aaron with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

SEWE visitors will have the chance to get up close with all of the owls, alligators, lizards and more this weekend during their shows at The Galliard Center.