Man killed in Hemingway officer-involved shooting laid to rest

HEMINGWAY, S.C. (WCBD) – Hundreds gathered at Hopewell AME Church in Hemingway on Friday to celebrate the life of Robert Langley Junior, the man shot and killed by former Hemingway police officer, Cassandra Dollard, on February 6th.

“Junior was one of the best men in the world and I am not ready,” Langley’s younger sister said. “I am not ready at all to say goodbye to my brother, but I know I have to.”

The Langley family and Hemingway residents said their final goodbyes to someone they say was an important person in their community.

“My brother used to go to work,” Nicola Langley, Langley’s older sister, said. “One thing about him now, he worked. If he wasn’t on the job, punching the clock, on his days off, he’d be working on somebody’s car. He’d be working in somebody’s yard. I mean, he was just that guy.”

Former Hemingway police officer Cassandra Dollard shot and killed Langley earlier this month after a car chase that ended in a crash. Langley was unarmed. Now, his family wants justice.

“I want everybody to know that this fight will not be over tomorrow,” the Langley family attorney Bakari Sellers said. “It will not be over in a week, it will not be over when the cameras are gone and the people are gone.”

The family has seen the video of the fateful incident, now they want it released to the public.

“She was wrong,” Nicola Langley said. “She needs to pay for it, period. Anybody else who feels that they can use the badge to do what she did, they need to be handled too. It’s all wrong.”

The family and community are now left with the pain of their loved one gone too soon.

“In the 46 years that our brother did live his life,” Langley’s younger sister said. “He did live the best life. And until this tragic moment, he still should’ve had 46, maybe 56 years more to live. He’s got daughters that he’ll never see get married or graduate. Sons he’ll never see graduate or have children.”

The Hemingway community has organized a “Stop Killing Us” march to honor Langley’s life, which is scheduled for Saturday, at 10:00 a.m.