New mural in Goose Creek shows support for Ukraine

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – There is a new mural in Goose Creek meant to show support for Ukraine.

On Tuesday, local artist Louie Thompkins spent the day painting “Stop War” in English and Ukrainian, as well as a Ukrainian flag at the Goose Creek Art Park. The park includes a large wooden structure for community members to paint on.

Thompkins painted over the previous art with black paint. After a few hours and many blue and yellow spray paint cans, the mural was complete.

“It’s for the community and it’s something I can get behind. I don’t think anybody stands with what’s going on over there,” said Thompkins.

While Thompkins was painting, a group of people gathered on the side of Red Bank Road holding signs and waving Ukrainian flags.

Multiple people in attendance are from Ukraine and still have family there. They called for support and prayers during this difficult time.

“We go to sleep, we can’t sleep. When we wake up, the first thing we do is call them. We ask ‘how’s everybody? Is everybody alive?’” said Tetyana Stefanyshyn.

Stefanyshyn wants people to know her country is strong, and they will not give up.

“The people want to go, they want to fight, and they will until the last drop of blood,” said Stefanyshyn. “If Putin thinks he’s going to get Ukrainians, he will not. He may get the land full of Ukrainian blood but not Ukraine.”

Debbie Diz is a Goose Creek resident. She attended the rally and vowed to show Ukrainians support every day.   

“My friend and I got up this morning and tied these ribbons. I printed these signs. He’s painting the mural. These are things we can do. So, if we do the things we can do, maybe it will give the Ukrainian people the strength to face what they’re facing,” said Diz.

Community members are encouraged to go to the park and add to the painting.