Lowcountry restaurants and delivery drivers feeling impact of increasing gas prices

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Rising gas prices are continuing to affect people across the country and in the Lowcountry, restaurants and food delivery services are feeling the impact on their business.

“It’s definitely a concern. It’s something we are monitoring,” says Perry Freeman, the owner of Charleston Sports Pub.

Freeman says with five different locations around the Lowcountry, his restaurant average over 100 deliveries per week, but he’s not sure it is sustainable.

“I don’t know with these current prices if we will make it cost-effective for our drivers, we will have to almost double their pay,” says Freeman.

Drivers with food delivery services are feeling the strain as well. Tyler McDowell is a driver in Goose Creek and says even though he drives a hybrid car, he is still paying five to six dollars more per day to fill his tank.

“It’s really good on gas, but I still have to fill up every day. It was roughly $30 a day and that’s up now to $34 or $35 a day,” says McDowell.

McDowell says he does around 20 to 30 rides or food deliveries each night and while gas prices are weighing heavy on his wallet, he depends on the income and doesn’t plan to stop driving just yet.

“As long as I am making enough money to support myself and my living situation, I’ll continue to do it. If it continues to get to $6 dollars a gallon, there has to be a point where I draw a line,” McDowell.

The national average for the cost of gas is $4.25 per gallon.