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Definitions: Transducer and sensors • Transducer – a device that converts a primary form of energy in to a corresponding signal with a different energy form Primary Energy Forms: mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, optical, chemical, etc. Capacitive transducers (source: directindustry.com) Capacitive Transducers Contents hide 1. Introduction • Ultrasonic machining is a mechanical type non-traditional machining process employed to machine hard and brittle materials (both electrically conductive and non conductive material) using an axially oscillating tool at ultrasonic frequencies [18–25 kilohertz (kHz)]. PowerPoint slide on Digital Transducers compiled by Jandeep. 3. attainable are not as high as in mechanical transducers. Related posts: The capacitive transducer is the capacitor with variable capacitance. Examples: Mechanical transducer and Electrical transducer Electrical Transducer This page contains Transducer Seminar and PPT with PDF report. TRANSDUCERS Transducers as already defined , is a device that converts a non electrical quantity into an electrical quantity. The primary transducer includes electrical & mechanical devices. Capacitive Transducers 2. Definition and General Concept of Transducer Definition The transducer is a device which converts one form of energy into another form. For example : a thermocouple , photo conductive cell pressure gauge , … TRANSDUCERS • A transducer is a device that converts energy from one form to another • Energy forms can be mechanical, visual, aural, electrical, thermal, chemical, etc. Transducer Seminar PPT with PDF Report What are transducers? Some of the advantages are: 1. Advantages of Capacitor Transducers 3. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Pressure Transducers" is the property of its rightful owner. • Sensor (e.g., thermometer) - is a … Fig. Disadvantages of Capacitor Transducers 4. 5. PowerPoint slide on Digital Transducers compiled by Jandeep. The transduc The mechanical devices is also called the primary transducers, which are used to change the physical i/p quantity to a mechanical signal. Normally a transducer and associated circuit has a non electrical input and an electrical output. mechanical motion of a pointer. UNIT 10 INTRODUCTION TO TRANSDUCERS Transducers and Sensors AND SENSORS Structure 10.1 Introduction Objectives 10.2 Active and Passive Sensors 10.3 Basic Requirements of a Sensor/Transducer 10.4 Discrete Event Sensors 10.4.1 Mechanical Limit Switches 10.4.2 Proximity Limit Sensors 10.4.3 Photoelectric Sensors 10.4.4 Fluid Flow Switch The electric or electronic system can be controlled with a very small electric power. The effect of friction is minimized. (examples to follow) • Used to change information into a form that can be easily transferred, stored, processed, interpreted, etc. The main function of a second transducer is used to change the signal from mechanical to electrical. Electrical amplification and attenuation can be done easily and that to with a static device. Transducers Prof. B. D. Kanani, EE Department Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments (2130903) 1 5.1. Sumit Thakur Mechanical Transducer Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: In the direct method any physical quantity like duration, mass, etc are calculated directly by some instruments like the measuring tape, weighing scale etc. 2.

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