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Own Damage claim. Is it part of my policy? Cars being used outside of the limitations placed on the usage, Damage to / by person driving without a valid driving license, Loss or damage due to depreciation of the car’s value, Consequential loss i.e. • You can transfer your existing automobile insurance policy to the new owner of the car.​. Got some questions? CPA ( Compulsory Personal Accident –Owner Driver ) for 1 Yr. Claim Form has been sent to Your Email Address. Reliance General Insurance Company Limited (Reliance General Insurance) is a part of Reliance Capital Ltd. of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.Reliance Capital is one of India’s leading private sector financial services companies, and ranks among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies, in terms of net worth. Then you can do one of the following two things. The company was founded in 17 August 2000, has main office as head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. At the time of renewal, the features, as well as the insurance company, could be changed to a completely new one. We, the insurers, will pay the repair charges of the car directly to the garage. Check out: Car Insurance By Brand​ And Model​. 25,081. Note that automobile insurance coverage is available only for the claims intimated within 7 days of the loss or damage. Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in India. Note this is applicable only for Private Car & Two Wheeler policy and not for Third Party Liability, **Based on internal assessment for the time period : April 2019 to March 2020. In case of theft or total destruction of the car, the IDV is offered as "Sum Insured". In case of partial loss, we will settle a claim made for the insured vehicle only if it is repaired at one of our authorised dealers or workshops.​. 1,382 talking about this. need to pay an extra premium on your automobile insurance​. Reliance General Insurance believes that the decision will help us improve the combined ratio and bottom line in the long run. This cover is applicable only for select make and models. So, if you’re a member of any of the following automobile associations, you are eligible for a discount: IDV stands for Insured's Declared Value (IDV). The feeling I got at the end of the chat was that the team was happy to serve their customers. Therefore, if you own a car, you are mandated by law to take up a Third Party Liability Cover. 1,362 talking about this. This add-on cover is applicable to the following conditions-, An engine is the heart and soul of your car. As fast as you provide these details faster would be the process of generation of insurance. NCB Retention Cover comes handy. A delay in reporting will affect your claim, as an insurance company could deny liability. What risks are covered under Reliance motor insurance policy? Zero documentation is required to buy a car insurance policy online. Pincode: 400055 Entity Type: Public Limited Company: Registration Type: Regular: Department Code and Type: MUMBAI NODAL DIVISION-5, MH009, VP0601, RANGE-I : Nature of Business [u'Recipient of Goods or Services', u'Service … The market share of Reliance General Insurance is over 8% in the private sector. A successful inspection is followed by an online recommendation made to you, by the surveyor. Know how much salary do Reliance General Insurance employees earn. Refer our car​​ insurance guide​ and go through the chapters to become an car insurance expert. You can also make a video or take some photos of the car as proof that actually what happened. Where can I view the list of cashless garages in my city? WhatsApp with us : After you have decided which policy you want to go for, all the document must be kept handy and a call should be given to the insurer. ​Yes!If the event of loss or damage took place during the policy period, you will be eligible for the claim even after the policy has expired. a fixed amount that the insurer will have to bear. Reliance General Insurance It is a part of Reliance Capital Limited of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. The above mentioned premium is exclusive of taxes and is an estimate based on the assumption that there has been no break-in and claim made in any of the previous policies. +91 7666725324, Best viewed with IE 9+, Firefox 30+ and Chrome 29+ with a resolution of 1024x768, Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance, Renew Reliance Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Reliance Health Insurance - Grievance Resolution, For any grievance related to Reliance Health Insurance policies, kindly contact us on, Precautions to Take While Travelling Overseas Amidst the Coronavirus​. It was established in 2000 and gained the license to conduct general insurance business in India from the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in the same year. ;NCBcan be accumulated over the years and the discount ranges from 20% to 50% on its own damage premium. Great..Happy to be associated with Reliance General Insurance. This is simply a general insurance company's way to reward the customer's good driving behavior. If you seek overall protection from the damages caused due to unforeseen accidents, opting for a I used the chat services to renew my car policies. Recently I was in a situation where we had to use the anywhere assist feature.They responded fast and it’s a very helpful feature.Thank you team.Keep up the good work. Brochure has been sent to Your Email Address. By paying a minimal, additional charge on your car insurance quote, you can benefit in the following ways: Please note that we cover only private cars and two wheelers, with a maximum of two claims in one policy period. This add-on covers private cars, with a maximum of two claims in one motor policy period. the insured. Click here to download the form. In a premium-bearing endorsement, you will be charged an additional premium for things like transfer of ownership, addition of LPG / CNG kit, change of RTO location, etc. ​If the repair cost of your car (in case of an accidental loss or damage) is more than its current value, it is known as a constructive total loss. Read more about working at Reliance General Insurance. What do I gain out of it? cashless car insurance, you do not have pay upfront for the repairs at the network garages of the company. Call toll-free number +91 22 4890 3009 to register a claim. We believe that a car insurance policy should be quick, easy and most of all - reliable. You can enhance your vehicle insurance coverage protection further with our wide-range of add-on covers such as-, Depreciation reduces the value of your cover drastically. Now on this car, if you’ve made any claim up to Rs. You can cancel your claim by calling any of the following helpline numbers: ​Click here link to find out the address of your nearest cashless garage list​. A car insurance quote will be generated to give you an estimate of the premium. Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Online Payments for your car insurance definitely make life easier​. This is because a car insurance policy offers basic protection against damage and losses to your vehicle, so one might think that add-on covers are avoidable. It is a fixed and minimum amount that you declare to pay when you make a claim. What is meaning of the phrase ‘legal liability of the paid driver’? 2.5 lakh, you will still be eligible for a 20% NCB if renewed with us. You have to take the car to any of the network garages for the repair. Here's how it is accumulated on a yearly basis-, You can avail discounts on your car insurance premium in case you have opted for a voluntary deductible while buying the policy. It has a revenue of $3.9M. We award a discount on the Own Damage premium if your car is fitted with an ARAI-approved anti-theft alarm and locking system. WhatsApp with us : What are the types of Car Insurance in India? Reliance General Insurance is one of India’s leading private general insurance companies with over 94 customized insurance products catering to the corporate, SME and individual customers. The cover can range from, coverage to an insured party vehicle and third-party liability which means that it covers – ​damage to insured vehicle or theft of the car also coverage of legal liability ​(liability to others for body or property injury by insured vehicle​). For this, you will have to submit repair bills and receipts with the company. Our agents will confirm the liability after the inspecting the damage. Currently the video chat timings are 9:30am to 6:30pm from Monday to Saturday. In order to have a complete coverage, you should have a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover. This add-on cover What are the documents required to buy car insurance policy online? ​If the damage to the car is minimal, it is always a good idea not to make a claim on your car insurance plan. It covers the person financially in case of any loss is incurred as a result of an unavoidable instance to the vehicle. We will award you with a suitable discount based on the following table. Additionally, car insurance covers the safety of the co-passengers, someone​ else's property and pedestrians too. If you feel that any specific company is providing better coverage of the policy at an affordable premium which is better than your current plan, then you are more than welcome to switch the insurance company at the time of renewal. You can get your car insurance quote within seconds by entering your registration number in the form above. This could include engine protection due to waterlogging, roadside assistance in case your car breaks down on the middle of the road, recovery of the no claim bonus and many other things. It is calculated by adjusting the current manufacturer's listed selling price of the car with depreciation percentage as listed in the table below: ​Electrical accessories are any electronically powered accessories that are part of your car. Reliance General Insurance is a private. Also, payment through secure payment gateways online means that the person will have protection against any kind of fraud or risks. At Reliance General Insurance, we have quick and effective solutions for all your car insurance needs and more! How do I get a copy of my car insurance policy online? Click here to know more about To ensure that you make an informed purchase, we have explained the essential car insurance concepts right here-. Replacement of key(s) will be allowed for broken or damaged keys only. At Reliance General Insurance, we have quick and effective solutions for all your car insurance needs and more!

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