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We studied more than 3966 in order to conclude to the best sit stand desk converters products that you can buy! If you need a standing workstation you can stow quickly, or if you use only a laptop, the Cora is the best simple laptop riser we tested. This limits the ergonomic usefulness of the unit. Fitueyes Height Adjustable Standing Desk. You can use the VertDesk with a variety of screen setups: your laptop on the top shelf with or without a laptop stand, a monitor on a stand, two monitors on two stands, or one or two monitors on a monitor arm. The main selling point of this desk is that it comes fully assembled. This is not yet proven. The surface is roughly a half-inch thick and floats less than a quarter-inch off your desk, so it raises your typing surface by ¾ inch. One user puts it as, "The hydraulic arm used to raise/lower the monitor level operates smoothly.". The Kangaroo Pro Junior, a converter we’ve recommended for more than five years, does the best job of turning a fixed surface into an ergonomic standing workstation for a mouse, keyboard, and monitor while having a reasonable footprint. That kind of adjustment might appeal to some people, but we preferred not having to think about it. The highlight of the VariDesk Pro Plus is the 11 different height settings that you can use to your advantage. The stand steady hero desk has a basic design but it still the best adjustable standing desk converter we have out of all we have reviewed. The good thing about these desk converters is that you can easily switch back to a sitting position whenever you are tired or when you need to focus on important work. Most notably, I also wrote Wirecutter’s guide to standing desk mats. Best Overall Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar The lift controller is the most intuitive of all the standing desks because you can easily pull it up and down to change the height of the desk. Varidesk’s ProPlus 36 Electric is mostly similar to the manual-rising ProPlus model we addressed above. Alan Hedge, Sit-Stand Work Programs, Cornell University Ergonomics Web, Edward R. Laskowski, “What are the risks of sitting too much?”, Mayo Clinic, May 8, 2018, "Sedentary behavior increases the risk of certain cancers", Journal of the National Cancer Institute, June 14, 2014, "An hour of moderate exercise a day enough to counter health risks from prolonged sitting", University of Cambridge, July 27, 2016, "Health effects of sit-stand desks and interventions aimed to reduce sitting at work are still unproven", Cochrane Review, March 17, 2016, Aaron E. Carroll, "Are You Sitting Down? That'll help your back, and also save you from hours of sitting in the same position. The Laptop 30’s sloped edges are useful when you’re subtly leaning on your typing surface, either sitting or standing, but you shouldn’t really do that. Stand Steady’s X-Elite Pro costs more than any other laptop riser we tested, but it’s hard to figure out why. Its handles, while immune to accidental pressing, also take up space on the desktop. When sitting, the main work surface rests about an inch above your fixed-height desk or table. It can only hold a laptop, really, and you could only raise the laptop screen with same-size books (although books are technically one of our laptop stand picks). Our standing gaming desksand stand up gaming desksmake moving from a … They offer a lot of benefits and advantages over a standing desk converter and may be worth the slightly extra investment depending … The Kangaroo Pro Junior is a metal column that holds a monitor and a black matte plastic work surface, and that’s all it looks like. The keyboard tray of the most similar competitor, the Workfit-S, bounces at standing height. It was the easiest to adjust, put away, and fit a simple laptop setup onto. And, again like most of its peers, the VertDesk requires that you at least manage your cords so that they can’t be caught in the pinching parts of the frame. Overall the desk quality is good for the price, and the same has reflected in users' reviews of the desk. By Matt Hanson 15 June 2020. We spoke at length with Shane Harris, one of the first journalists to write extensively about standing desks. The best standing desk converters enable you to adjust the height of your screen independent from the height of the worksurface. Using it side-by-side with the Kangaroo, we found its keyboard tray wobbled while typing, that the unit could be lowered gradually if you applied any kind of leaning pressure to it, and that lowering it required angling your downward pressure just so. It works if you want to use your laptop itself as your main screen. It also glows blue all the time, which is handy for working at night, but a weird hue to have always on in your home. The Varidesk ProPlus 30 (also available in 36-inch and 48-inch versions) takes up just under 30 inches of depth to use, the most of any converter we tested. You can raise the monitor and work surface exactly where you need them, as opposed to the increments of an electric device or the notches of the Varidesk ProPlus. It’s also very big—35 inches wide and 28 inches deep, not including the tray. .... which could be damaged if you lower without checking first. At around 34 pounds, this desk is light compared to its peers. Most converters add about an inch to your desktop height. We’ve looked over this guide and still stand (or sit) by our picks. The WorkFit-TX is a stable converter with a lot of room for your gear, and it can handle big monitors. Straight up and down movement Multiple sizes to choose: 27" / 35" Shop Now . User Kristy explains, "This desk has plenty of room for everything I need. The WorkFit-TX is different than most two-tier converters, with a keyboard tray that extends below your table, a tray that you can toggle between tilted and flat, and dedicated cable-routing grommets near the back. The VertDesk converter doesn’t raise straight up like the Kangaroo Pro Junior, nor does it move a long distance toward you when you raise it. I did not do that. Yes, I could have raised the desk and then the converter, giving me a working surface up to 71 inches tall, something Manute Bol could have used. Both … The keyboard trays of the other two-tier models we tested either bounce and vibrate inside their frames, or are stable but smaller (like the VertDesk). It feels looser and slightly bouncy when flattened on a table, and it moves into fixed notches instead of being infinitely adjustable like the Cora. She has been working for Guiding Tech since 2017 and has around three years of experience writing features, how-tos, buying guides, and explainers. Nonetheless, it's spacious. You can also buy a keyboard extension for the Junior model if you want to extend your work surface with 9 inches of depth (the regular Kangaroo Pro is 6 inches deeper). ApexDesk Elite Series. That also meant that making a small adjustment from one standing height to another was tricky, as you had to hold the moving lever open and press hard but then stop just where you needed it. Raising and lowering with the unit’s nitrogen gas springs requires very little effort or pressure, unlike the tension you have to apply to most mechanical converters or the bench-press-like effort to get the Workfit-TX up or down. Varidesk Pro Plus is one of the most compelling desk conversion kits available today, which is why it's one of our top picks for the best standing desk converter. If that’s something you need, consider a full-size standing desk or a drawing board (drafting table). The Movi workspace is an interesting idea that needs a lot of work. Wirecutter senior editor Erica Ogg has been using the Cora for multiple years and reports it has been holding up fine. That meant typing on a laptop or keyboard, using a mouse, drinking beverages, and occasionally scribbling in a notebook, if space allowed. Some have enough room and stability to allow for the addition of a notebook and pen, but most are not spaced or sized for a lot of documents or drawing. The nearly 29-inch-wide keyboard tray is useful, but it jiggled more in our testing at sitting height than the VertDesk’s tray. Flytta 2 standing desk. The reason is the durability that it has and the weight capacity. All Rights Reserved. It is very easy to raise and lower the desk so I have no complaints there.". So you can alternate between standing and sitting while you work. When lowered all the way, pressing one handle of the Cora allows the frame to pop out slightly. I used a Kangaroo Pro Junior for about six months after we last tested it, and it saw no notable wear or tear. The gas springs are strongly tuned, so raising is easy, but making small adjustments downward takes some effort. © 2020 Guiding Tech. It weighs about 33 pounds, which is not a small amount but less than every other two-tier converter we tested. Read Full … This is the best converter we tested that allows for stand-mounted monitors or laptops. Vivo’s V000HB riser required a bit more pressure and angling to push back down than the Cora. Sitting for eight hours a day or more with no physical activity can be a health risk similar to obesity or smoking, according to an analysis of 13 studies, and can be linked to increased occurrence of cancers, per this broader study of 4 million people in 43 studies. It has a 58% positive 5-star rating with users liking its quality of material used and durability. Yes, that means that I had one standing device on top of another. Eureka Ergonomic patented gas struts are tested over 100,000 cycles to ensure durability and longevity. It's well-made, durable and the sliding keyboard is the cherry on top. X-Elite Standing Desk Converter. We had tested a half-dozen desktop-mounted converters over those five years. However, some users did have difficulty in raising and lowering the unit. The Cora gets as flat as it can be on your table or desk, raising the work surface to 1.3 inches, while the X-Pro and V000HB bounced slightly on their lifting mechanisms at sitting height. As addressed in The competition, the Cooper by Fully allows you to adjust the amount of resistance for raising and lowering, but we found that more irksome than helpful. Other sit stand desk converter brands only test their desktop converters up to 20,000 cycles. This feels awkward in part because the desk moves slowly while you’re holding that button. If we talk numbers, the maximum height that this desk yield is 17.5-inches. A huge chunk of the users have commended this desk for its easy assembly, ergonomics, and sturdiness. Vari electric standing desk. But the rod-turning single motor in the Movi is very, very loud and slow, and the controls are awkward to use, understand, or program. PUTORSEN® Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Riser Ergonomic Standing up Workstation with Keyboard Tray, 37.4" Wide Platform - Compatible with Monitor Arm 4.7 out of 5 stars 8 £139.87£139.87 Get it Tuesday, Sep 29 ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M1/M2. If you need those things, or prefer how the VertDesk looks or raises to the Kangaroo Pro Junior, this desk, too, earns the space it takes up on a desk. On Amazon. Owing to the sturdy build, wide space, and the value-for-money proposition, this desk has earned around 86% positive reviews among the 100-odd reviews on Amazon. Executive Standing Desk Converter. In 2019, we expanded our testing and recommendations for converters and brought them into their own guide. When lowered, it never sits completely flat on your fixed-height surface. Being able to control the height of your monitor and keyboard tray separately makes the Kangaroo Pro Junior a better fit for more people. On the reviews front, it has done pretty well with users rating this desk 4.4-stars. If you want an affordable standing desk converter, you can check out the one by The House of Trade. The desk has a width of 24-inches which makes it pretty easy to fit one more screen on the desk. The VertDesk Converter has a five-year warranty with “no exceptions.” If you have two stand-mounted monitors, you can buy a 42-inch-wide version for about $70 more. 1. standing gaming deskthing a whirl, but you don’t want to waste all of your gaming gear budget on a new desk set-up. Using your laptop alone whether sitting or standing isn’t a great ergonomic setup, and the Cora cannot fit a monitor. Among the things we value: With those priorities in mind, we tested 15 standing desk converters in late 2018 and early 2019, in three categories: Some of these models offer multiple sizes, or their maker sells a very similar model in a larger size. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. But, the only catch is that they must have VESA mounts at the back. Ergotron WorkFit-S Starting Price: $461.00. Vivo is a well-known name when it comes to ergonomic solutions. We considered how a desk looked while lowered onto a table, and, for single-surface laptop risers, how easy the setup was to take down and stash away. You can pick up a desk converter that will allow you to go from sitting to standing easily. Several peer-reviewed studies agree that sitting for long periods of time can shorten your life. The Kangaroo Pro Junior sat the flattest on our desk at sitting height of any desk we tested. The ProPlus 36 is a big investment in deskspace and money, and we liked the E7 more for its automatic lifting, better looks, and price. It’s also the only single-platform riser we tested that wouldn’t look notably out of place resting against a wall when not in use. This one raises to a height of 20-inches and goes as low as 3-inches. We’ve also added long term testing notes about our budget pick. Fully’s Cooper was a close competitor to the VertDesk as a two-tier converter. Photo: Kevin Purdy, It won’t happen often, but standing for a while at the Kangaroo Pro Junior, you might end up with things underneath the work surface… Photo: Kevin Purdy. … Ultra Cheap Standing Desk. Assembling the Kangaroo Pro Junior presented no surprises. However, some users have noted that assembling the desk can be a little difficult. Be it the conventional standing desks or the standing desk converters, these products prove to be tiny little investment for a healthier back. You turn a knob to loosen the work platform and monitor mount, raise them to where you need to stand or sit, then re-tighten the knobs. Best Selling Electric Standing Desks E1. The content remains unbiased and authentic. Buying a standing desk doesn’t have to break the … Consider the standing desk converterlike the ones available from Eureka Ergonomic. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, The best standing desk converter for most situations, VertDesk 35.5" Wide Standing Desk Converter, Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter, Who this is for (and whether it improves your health), Our pick: Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior, Runner-up: VertDesk Standing Desk Converter, Also great: E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter, Budget laptop-only pick: Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter, the work of James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods of time can shorten your life, broader study of 4 million people in 43 studies, moderately active for 60 to 75 minutes per day, WorkFit-S Single LD Workstation with Worksurface, a 42-inch-wide version for about $70 more, “What are the risks of sitting too much?”, "Sedentary behavior increases the risk of certain cancers", "An hour of moderate exercise a day enough to counter health risks from prolonged sitting", "Health effects of sit-stand desks and interventions aimed to reduce sitting at work are still unproven", "Are You Sitting Down? This is the gear we’ve found helps us maintain our productivity—and sanity—when juggling work and family. That’s 1-3 inches less than every other converter we tested in its category and nearly 10 inches less than the Fully Cooper or VariDesk Pro Plus 30. It raises and lowers with a button that you have to hold down in a console between the top surface and keyboard tray. It looks a bit more interesting, with a bamboo option and an interesting X-fold design. Making a small adjustment to the height involves holding a large but unresponsive button, and waiting to see if the display catches up with the motor. The two work well together. Vivo is a well-known name when it … It’s annoying when you’re carrying the thing or it’s stored against a wall, but it's not likely to cause any real problems. A small adjustable stability bar comes with the desk, which you can set to your preferred height and then prop underneath the work surface. And it’s a little faster to raise and lower, with levers on each side instead of locking knobs. And because you work on a flat, deep surface, rather than a narrow tray, you can use whatever combination of keyboard, mouse, and other tools best fits your work. There are smaller, lighter converters that do less and bigger converters that add some small conveniences, but the Kangaroo Pro Junior best justifies the space you give it. Best Standing Desk Converter for Laptops: VIVO DESK-V000H Standing Desk Converter - $139.99; Best Corner Standing Desk Converter: Flexispot M4 Corner Standing Desk Converter - $299; Best Electric Standing Desk Converter: Flexispot EM7 Electric Standing Desk Converter - $339; We hope you found this list helpful as you research the standing desk converter that is right for you. This does not mean a standing setup has no benefit. It's sleek, solid and doesn't wobble even when you type away furiously. But the ProPlus has 11 locked height positions and its upward momentum is very strong, so we had to sometimes fight it from skipping the spot we wanted. Read The Top 40 Converters Post: http://bit.ly/2HFFF29Want to turn your existing desk into a standing desk? It's priced considerably less and provides almost the same solutions. Assembly is easy and usually wrapped up within half an hour for most users. That might work for some people, especially those 5 feet 5 inches and shorter, who might otherwise struggle to sit tall enough with the E7 on their desk (since they may already struggle with standard-height desks). Out of all the standing desk converters we tested, it remains the easiest to adjust both your work surface and monitor to where you need them. We rotated between sitting, standing, and walking away on roughly 30-minute cycles. On top of that, some of them even come with a dedicated keyboard tray. The monitor mount means your display is more stable and takes up less room than a monitor standing on a platform. At the same time, keep taking breaks while you work. That’s no small feat for this category, believe us. If you find it difficult to keep a tab on time, you can check out these Chrome extensions which will remind you of the same. And it looks like a fine and normal piece of office furniture, which is an achievement for this category. *At the time of publishing, the price was $160. Because it's a two-level converter, it can work with monitors on a stand or all-in-one computers, rather than requiring a VESA-compatible bracket. The Ergotron Workfit-S is a single-column, mounted-monitor converter like the Kangaroo Pro Junior, but it clamps to the front of your desk surface instead of resting on it. If you’ve got a sizable desk to dedicate to standing (that you don’t want to trade out), and you know you won’t need to switch out your setup for other work, the E7 by Uplift gives you the most convenient standing setup short of buying a standing desk. A distinguishing element of this desk is the two hand-grips at each side for lifting the desk. Ikea Skarsta. It’s much heavier and space-filling than non-electric converters, but the E7 gives you one-touch raising to memory positions, a lot of workspace, and an optional lower keyboard tray. It is considerably costlier than a few we have seen but the price is worth paying. If you want to avoid sitting at your desk for long hours, it's wise to invest in a quality standing desk. Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter. Ergotron WorkFit-S Converter – 83/100 Rating. A long series of incremental adjustments later, I was never sure if I should try to keep lowering the resistance or make it more stable when standing. As we mentioned above, the desk lets you switch between 11 different positions as per your comfort and height. If you have a desk or space you want to fully dedicate to a sit-stand rotation with the convenience of electric movement and preset heights, the E7 by Uplift is the closest you can get to the experience of a full standing desk. Apart from helping you keep your desk clutter-free, a dedicated keyboard tray provides a better ergonomic posture. This desk converter rises to a height of 17-inches and can go as low as 6-inches. A few years ago most full standing desks were $600+ but the market is getting more and more competitive and as standing desks are getting more popular prices have come down a lot blurring the line between standing desk converters and full standing desks. Generally, given its nearly 100 pounds, it’s a stable platform. Its recessed handles are a good idea. The best part is that most of the standing desks converters that we see today can be turned into a conventional desk. At standing height, the VertDesk was more all-around stable, front-to-back and side-to-side, than the Vivo and Cooper. Next up: It is 36-inches wide and comes with gas springs. Best gaming desk 2020: top standing, L-shaped and motorized desks. Wirecutter’s parent company, The New York Times, published a stronger opinion by a pediatric doctor, with headlines suggesting standing desks are “overrated” and “not cures for anything.”. We also referenced the work of Cornell University’s Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group (CUErgo) for this guide and the guide to our home office work. SIT OR STAND WHILE YOU WORK: Sit stand desks are a popular solution to those who want to add variety to the way they work. The table weighs around 42.4 pounds, which makes it sturdy and stable enough not to slip or slide. After testing four of the newest standing desks, we recommend the Uplift V2-Commercial due to its wide height range, customizability, and excellent stability. The company offers a range of functional standing desks and the Vivo Stand up Desk Converter is one of them. While it has nine positions instead of fluid movement, it is stable at height. Nathan wrote or edited several previous versions of this guide and the standing desk mat guide and has worked at an adjustable-height standing desk since 2014. This makes the Kangaroo more stable than two-tier converters, even though it takes up less space on your desk. Like its counterpart above, the Vivo Stand up Desk Converter has collected impressive reviews with users praising its solid build and ergonomic design. *At the time of publishing, the price was $300. The Kangaroo Pro Junior makes you do a little bit more work than some converters—turning knobs and gently lifting with your hands—but that pays off in ergonomically superior arm and neck angles. It’s smooth to raise and lower, it rises mostly straight up instead of lurching out like many converters, and it has some built-in cable routing that make it easier to create a good monitor setup. We’ll start off this review by acknowledging that this is a no-frills desk. You simply need to attach the brackets for the keyboard tray and that's about it. So you might want to take this point into consideration. The gas springs and moving parts have a five-year warranty, and the steel structural frame is covered for 10. Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter, G-Pack Pro Desktop Standing Desk Converter, Mount-It Workstation Standing Desk Converter, Top 9 Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Tips to Use It like a Pro, 7 Best Wall-Mounted Cable Organizers and Racks. We’d be interested to see a future version of this, but for now, it’s more a proof of concept. While the working surfaces are contained inside a frame and the top desktop sits higher than a coffee mug when lowered, the handles on either side of the top surface could catch something if you move it underneath while you’re standing. That deeper space allows for more mouse room, a larger keyboard, or a small notepad. If you don’t have a monitor you can mount to a VESA bracket or you want to use your laptop screen but still stand at your work, the VertDesk Standing Desk Converter is the best fallback option, and we mean that as a compliment. ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M1-M4 Empower yourself with the right workstation Straight Up & Down Movement Space-saving design raises and lowers vertically, within its own footprint. It’s stable, its keyboard tray is adjustable, and it doesn’t require a huge desk. It weighs nearly 100 pounds and takes up 26 inches of desk depth (nearly 40 with an overhanging keyboard tray), but it's quicker and quieter than other electric converters we tested, looks better than most converters with a bamboo or rubberwood desktop options, and lets you use either a lowered keyboard tray or a flat work surface. *At the time of publishing, the price was $400. It is loud when moving, and it makes a screeching kind of sound, like the legs of an ironing board. This standing desk converter can handle two 27-inch monitors. Like any rise-in-place laptop adapter, you have to watch that your laptop power cord doesn’t get pinched in the legs while lowering it. In the age of celebrity diets and fitness mania, standing desks have become a mainstay for healthy living and the poster child for ergonomics in the workplace. Last updated on 21 May, 2020 All standing desk converters are an inherent compromise, an attempt to make one part of your non-moving desk move for your work. Moving the monitor to a different height requires a screwdriver inserted behind the monitor, and it’s annoying. The keyboard tray bounces when typing, and while it’s more stable than its manual-lift Vivo sibling while at standing height, the whole unit is susceptible to side-to-side movement. The Kangaroo had less wobble than nearly any other converter we tested, and leaning on it wouldn’t lower the work surface, unlike the other column-style converter we tested, the Workfit-S. The handles on the Cora were the easiest to activate and hold onto while raising or lowering, although that also means they can be triggered accidentally. There’s a replaceable grommet in the back-middle of the upper platform for running cables to your screen, and a few clips and suggested cable-routing spots. But locking the brace into your most common standing height also makes it easier to get your work surface to a consistent height by raising the surface up and then gently lowering it onto the leg. It moves up and slightly out, in a smooth motion and holds up your gear without being notably difficult to push back down, unlike most other models that had some imbalance of stability and ease of moving.2 Making small adjustments to the height of the VertDesk wasn’t difficult. I did buy the separate dual monitor stand so I could have even more room. The Kangaroo’s base is a flat piece of rounded metal, so it’s very unlikely to scratch a table or desk. We think the white version of the Cora with gray aluminum legs looks much nicer than the mostly drab black competitors we tested. Standing desk converters are for people who will not buy a full-size standing desk but still want to alternate between sitting and standing while working at a computer. We tested how annoying it became to raise and lower each desk and whether cords tended to get caught in the machinery. Its one wire handle sticks out and is too easy to trigger accidentally. Vivo’s V000EB raises your keyboard and monitors an inch above your fixed-height table, though it feels like more. Its flat, open work surface accommodates a wider range of keyboards and mice than the narrow keyboard trays of other converters, and it doesn’t box in your hands while you’re using it. Other than that, this one is a solid inexpensive option. The Kangaroo Pro Junior comes closest to providing work room and staying in place. There are no visible logos, glowing LED buttons, or attempts at sleek rounded corners. The cut-out on the front of the top desk is awkwardly placed for cable routing and probably not a good way to hold a 60-pound desk. The Kangaroo doesn’t come with any cable-wrangling clips or stick-on routing tools. Best Gaming Desk. If you can ignore the premium pricing, this is one of the best options. As shipped, our Cooper review unit required too much force to push down from the top. Standing Desks Are Overrated", You cannot afford the $650-and-up price of a full-size standing desk, You have a fixed-height desk that you like, Your employer will not allow you to install a full-size standing desk but will allow a converter, Your home doesn’t allow for adding a desk, or you need to be able to put away your workspace after your work is done (such as at a dining room table). Wirecutter has been testing and recommending adjustable standing desks since 2013. This converter takes up less space than most but gives you more room to work while providing stable, adjustable standing heights that comfortably support people with heights up to 6 feet 1 inch.

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