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The merchandise I ordered never arrived. Products do not undergo independent inspections by eBay, but they do come with a two-year warranty and money-back guarantee, so you can purchase certified refurbished products with … My battle with eBay Money Back Guarantee over fake watch When John Bell bought a counterfeit watch on eBay it took months to get the company to … Both were refunded under eBay’s “money back guarantee”. do you think anyone would shop with ebay if they knew the risk of course not … Warning over fake eBay invoice email that could steal your bank account details ... eBay Money Back Guarantee; Victims are advised never to pay … eBay warns of fake PS5 stock as buyer receives a concrete block. “The system was built on the premise that most people are honest. “There is something wrong,” eBay admitted last April. EBAY – WORRY FREE SHOPPING – NOT! Ebay will not pay out on INR when the item is proven to be at Customs. Generally speaking, eBay Buyer Protection is a promise to shoppers on the U.S. eBay site—eBay.com— that eBay will intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers to rectify issues when the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute. it should be illegal for them to call it a money back guarantee it should be called the maybe money back guarantee you might get your money you might not depending on a dot on a screen. eBay Buyer Protection Program . How to get a Full Refund from Ebay Australia and on Paypal for Item Not Received. This includes situations in which a seller is suspended for fraudulent activity. Under eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, a buyer can ask eBay to intervene if their purchase doesn’t arrive or isn’t as described, and the seller doesn’t offer resolution within a week. If you actually read the Guarantee in full, you know, the bits that are in smaller font than the title, you will see there is certain criteria for the Guarantee to be met. I have just been ripped off for 72 euros on ebay. In some situations, such as when a seller is suspended for fraud, we may open a request and make a decision on behalf of the buyer. The eBay Money Back Guarantee is not a product warranty, and does not replace your Australian Consumer Law rights. Hearing about other people’s rip off stories can be boring so I will make it as short as possible. On the 15th July I ordered some Sonoff switch modules from richelectronicsale-4 … Continue reading "The ebay-money-back-guarantee is a pack of lies" OP.....there is nothing "fake" about the Money Back Guarantee.

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