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ENCLOSURE MOUNTING Materials • CX Panel (20” W x 24” H x 3.5” D) • Construction Level • 4 - Minimum, #12 mounting screws, length and anchor support material capable of supporting the weight of a CX panel and associated cabling. View and download Hubbell Control Solutions literature. Hubbell Building Automation CX Commercial Lighting Control Panel BSE Part # 2733009 MFG#: CX082S082NM Compact single enclosure includes relays, control functions and … To request printed literature, contact your local representative. Master CX083S083LM CX Panel, 8 Relay 120/277/347V Input w/ 8-30A/1P Latching Relays Surf. Master Hubbell Building Automation, Inc. After installation of the panel and following the CX panel instructions, provide control power to the panel and restore power to the lighting circuits at the source circuit breakers. All product literature is distributed by HCS Representatives. The CX04MTHRBD is used in all CX04 Series 4-Relay panels; The CX08MTHRBD is used in all CX08 Series panels and the CX1624MTHBD is used to control up to 8 relays in the CX16 and CX24 Series panels. A CX Panel is never to be energized during installation or replacement of any components. Click to learn more. A complete Troubleshooting Guide is contained in the “CX Panel Programming Guide” provided as a separate document with the Panel. Troubleshooting Panel Specifications PRECAUTIONS ... www.hubbell-automation.com. Panels are configured with all 16 or 24 relays of the same type installed or with space ... www.hubbell-automation.com. The Hubbell Controls CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels provide feature-rich and cost-effective lighting control for maximum energy savings. The panel will take a few moments to initialize during which time the User Interface screen on the front of the panel door Master CX083S00SPM CX Panel, 8 Relay 120/277/347V Input w/ Space for Field Install/CXR Relays Surf. The easy-to … The CX Panel Series uses 3 styles of motherboards based on panel size. CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels System - CX Panel Dimming Card Install Instructions: CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels System - CX 4-8 Relay Panel Install Instructions: ... Hubbell Control Solutions is a proud member of the Hubbell family. Panels are equal peers on the network and can have relays and dimmers controlled individually or in groups by any local input, system input, schedule, preset, photocell, or building automation system. CX082S00SPM CX Panel, 8 Relay 120/208/240/277V Input w/ Space for Field Install/CXR Relays Surf. The NX Series Network Lighting Control Panels are a key component in a NX Network Lighting Control System, providing programmable switching and dimming control of the projects lighting circuits. The CX Panel is shipped in one package. The LCD User interface is located in the door and utilized simple and intuitive scrolling menus to program, check status or update the panel. Literature. CX PANEL SPECIFICATIONS Panel Input Power Requirements: o 8-Relay Panel - Input Voltage “2” designator – 40VA, 120, 208, 240, or 277VAC CX Lighting Control Panels 4, 8, 16 and 24 Relays By Hubbell Control Solutions Hubbell Control Solutions' CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels provide feature rich and cost-effective lighting control for maximum energy savings.

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