Colleton County School District returns to in-person learning September 13th

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Colleton County School District (CCSD) has been in virtual learning since August 30th and now they’re ready to get students back to the classroom. As students head back, some parents say they have another battle yet to come.

“My child is 5 and I think these masks don’t work, so now I have to homeschool,” says Katie Vanwhy, a CCSD parent.

Vanwhy’s daughter is a kindergartener at one CCSD school and she says she agrees with the board’s decision to return back to in-person, but disagrees with the districts mask requirement in place as it disregards the state’s proviso.

“If you’re going to implicate these masks mandates, what are my options for my child because there’s no virtual, no hybrid learning so I’m stuck,” she says.

Parents on both sides of the issue say they want more virtual and in-person learning options, but CCSD Superintendent Vallerie Cave says the state only lets 5% of district school students to take apart in virtual learning. Cave says now, she’s calling on to state leaders for more help.

“I have asked the state to allow me to submit another proposal so that my children can have that choice. I do realize there are some parents who want their children to have that choice,” Superintendent Cave says.

“I want kids in school, my thing is it should be a choice whether they have to where a mask or not. I want them to have that option, but they don’t right now,” Vanwhy says.