WATCH: What You Need To Know — March 5, 2021: House Passes Major Bills — Ongoing Capitol Threats — Less Stimulus Checks

1. House Passes Major Election and Police Reform Bills


What You Need To Know:

The U.S. House of Representatives worked late into Wednesday night to pass two important pieces of long-promised legislation.

2. Ongoing Threats on Capitol Prompt Law Enforcement to Remain on High Alert in 2021

What You Need To Know:

As hearings continue in the riots of the Capitol building January 6, lawmakers faced another threat of an attack Thursday.

3. Coronavirus Update: Fewer Americans Will Get Next Stimulus Payments


What You Need To Know:

As Americans anxiously await the next round of coronavirus relief, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have agreed to narrow the eligibility for upcoming $1,400 stimulus payments.

4. NASCAR’s First Black Woman Pit Crew Member: Brehanna Daniels

What You Need To Know:

Brehanna Daniels is NASCAR’s first Black woman pit crew member and one of two women who are the first to work as pit crew members at Daytona 500. Brehanna’s journey was unexpected, not always easy, or welcomed, and she admits, “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

5. Insurance Expert Sylvia Garrett Uses Business to Empower Her Community

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What You Need To Know:

Tough financial times like these call for trusted guidance. Meet Sylvia Garrett, President and CEO of Sylvia Garrett and Associates Agency (SGA). If you rent or own a home, drive a car, or want to build wealth, then Garrett is the woman to know.

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