Good Samaritan saves children from walking into busy road

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD)- Two children are safe after a good Samaritan stopped them from walking onto Old Trolley Road in Summerville on Thursday.

“I was shaken up for sure,” said Kirbie Washington of Summerville.

Washington was driving down Old Trolley Road when she saw the two children walking on the sidewalk.

“I saw these two kids creeping closer and closer to the road. I scanned to see if there were any adults possibly chasing after them,” said Washington. “I slammed on my breaks and jumped out of my car. The car was running and my door was open.”

Washington pulled over and grabbed the two children as she looked for where they would have came from. Within minutes, employees at the Cadence Academy Preschool ran out to meet her.

“It was just an automatic reflex to make sure I got to them and made sure they were safe,” said Washington.

The children had left the preschool’s back yard through a hole in a fence according to the Summerville Police Department.

The Summerville PD also said that the teacher of both children had seen them start to walk out of the fence. She called them back to her, but they did not listen so the teacher went to get help.

Washington was relieved to have gotten the children to safety.

“I was happy that I got to them. But I was still in shock looking around the area trying to figure out where these kids had come from,” said Washington.

In the hours after, Washington posted about the incident on Facebook to inform people and emphasize having trustworthy childcare for kids. She says she was not trying to harm the preschool in doing so.

“I don’t want to shut down the daycare. I wasn’t trying to cause an uproar,” said Washington.

News 2 has reached out to the Cadence Academy for comment. We are awaiting their response.