Creating the handcrafted guitar of tomorrow- a moment of science

I had always wanted to be a luthier…but then I ended up with a career in technology. That’s where I got keenly interested in that merger between the handcrafted instrument and the high tech instrument of the future.

Jeff whitehead, electric guitar maker

Jeff Whitehead began with a travel guitar, handmade for his friend who flew long haul flights with a travel guitar he found lacking. Over the course of several years, a handful of iterations displayed on his wall, and several innovations/inventions, he now custom builds and sells electric guitars full time out of his home in Goose Creek.

Hear in his words how he combines high tech tools, electronics, and software with intricate craftsmanship to create the electric guitar of the future in this week’s Moment of Science.

Storm Team 2 Meteorologist David Dickson