Dorchester District 2 begins in-person hybrid learning

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester District Two will begin in-person hybrid learning for the entire district on Tuesday.

This is the first time since December that students are returning to the classroom since the district finished the fall semester virtual.

Elementary students will be in person every day. Half of the students will be in the classroom for the first part of the day, the second half of the students will be in-person after noon.

Middle school and high school students will be in person two days out of the week.

Students with disabilities who attended a five full day a week schedule before winter break will continue with that schedule.

Elementary schools will return full face to face learning on February 15th. Middle school and high schools will return to full face to face learning on February 22nd.

Executive Director for Dorchester District Two Elementary Schools, Lori Estep, said parents had the option of whether their student returned face to face.

“We opened those (intent forms) up three different times and extended the deadline so that yes, once they heard from the school board that we were going back face to face in February they could make an informed decision,” stated Estep.

The district is still implementing social distancing guidelines and everyone inside the schools must wear a face covering.

The district has set up plexiglass dividers between desks and will have students eating lunch in their classroom to limit large numbers in the lunchroom.

“We’ve limited our class sizes so that we won’t have more than 24 to 26 in a classroom. For some of our larger classes, if we did have larger classes, we’ve moved those to the library or larger spaces,” Estep mentioned.

About 30% of students will still be virtual full time through the end of the year.

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