WATCH: What You Need To Know — March 2, 2021:Wage Increase — Voting Rights Tested —Decline in New Infections Stalls

1. Progressive Democrats Pushing Forward on Wage Increase


What You Need To Know:

Even as the reality of a minimum wage hike in the Senate stimulus bill slips away, Progressive Democrats are pressing forward to make it happen.

2. Voting Rights are Put to the Test Again in the Supreme Court

What You Need To Know:

Today, the Supreme Court will hear virtual oral arguments of two election laws in the battleground state of Arizona.

3. Coronavirus Update: Decline in New Infections Stalls, Worrying Health Experts

 What You Need To Know:

Top health officials are expressing concern that the steady decline in new Covid-19 cases appears to have plateaued, signaling that new, more transmissible strains are spreading.

4. Black Middle School Student Mocked Over “Black King” T-shirt

What You Need To Know:

Latrell Taft, a 13-year-old Black Heartland Middle School student in Edmond, Oklahoma, wore a t-shirt given as a birthday gift that featured an image of Africa with the words “Black King” designed over it.

5. Private Equity, Hip Hop And Sports All Bet Big On Wingstop

What You Need To Know:

If there is anything synonymous with making “bread” it is investments made by Black celebrities across sports and music, into very popular food franchises like Wingstop (WING +0.68%).