WATCH: What You Need To Know — March 11, 2021: President Prepares for Prime Time — Vaccine Passports — Arrest Law Overhauled

1. President Prepares for Prime Time on Anniversary of COVID Shutdown


What You Need To Know:

On the one year anniversary of the coronavirus shutdown, President Biden will make his first prime time address to the nation.

2. Justice Sought in the 2013 Death of Black Teen Found in Gym Mat

What You Need To Know:

The investigation of the mysterious death of Valdosta, Georgia teenager, Kendrick Johnson, will be reopened.

3. Coronavirus Update: Biden Administration Pressed to Develop ‘Vaccine Passports’

What You Need To Know:

As the travel industry continues its slow recovery from the pandemic shutdown, major airline and business groups are calling on the Biden administration to develop temporary passes showing which travelers have been tested and vaccinated for coronavirus.

4. Civil War-Era Citizen’s Arrest Law Overhauled One Year After Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder

What You Need To Know:

Over a year after Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed near Brunswick, GA, the state’s House of Representatives has passed a bill with a unanimous vote to overhaul Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law.

5. Obamacare’s Oscar Health Announces IPO Despite Margin Difficulty

What You Need To Know:

Oscar Health is one of the largest insurance startups since its founding, and is now planning a $100 million initial public offering.

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