Sullivan’s Island moves forward with amended plan for maritime forest

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – Sullivan’s Island Town Council on Tuesday voted in favor of moving forward with an amended plan for the maritime forest.

Maintenance of the forest has long been a contested topic, with many homeowners wanting parts of the forest cleared, and conservationists opposed.

Tuesday’s meeting proposed a compromise: “(a) substantially less tree/shrub removal will occur in areas below the OCRM Setback/Dune Line, but the plan as modified is still expected to provide a significant increase in breezes and ocean views. Plant material originally slated for removal, but now retained by the Work Plan, may be trimmed or pruned in ways not expected to jeopardize survival of the plant. (b) Work methods will be tailored in wetland areas to avoid land disturbance or deposit of debris into the wetland area. In some cases land may fall into both categories and thus be subject to both types of modifications.”

The vote passed three to two and the plan will be submitted to the appropriate committees for consideration.