The Ghost Brothers Link Up With Jack Osborne on ‘Fright Club’ [Video]

Last week we reported that Discover+ was debuting a new ghost hunting reality TV series featuring a hilarious all-Black team dubbed The Ghost Brothers, and already the ghost bustin’ trio have teamed up with Jack Osborne to appear on his own spooky show, Fright Club.

Ghost Brothers Fright Club

Source: discovery+ / Discovery+

In this exclusive clip we find the GB team of Dalen SprattMarcus Harvey and Juwan Mass kicking it with Ozzy Osborne’s son and watching a video of what seems to be a supernatural apparition outside the house of one of their man’s and ’em. Though it’s not visible what exactly was caught on camera in the mans backyard, the team speculates it could be a giraffe or a horse, or a giraffe riding a horse because anything is possible in 2021.

Guess we’ll have to tune into the episode to see what conclusion is reached in this matter but if this clip is any indication of what we can expect, it’s sure to be a hella funny and entertaining one.

Check out the clip below and peep the trailer for Discovery+’s Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, too.