WATCH: What You Need To Know — August 17, 2021: Democrats in Trouble — Food Stamp Increase — Protests for Man Killed

1. Historic Increase as Food Stamp Benefits Jump 25 Percent

What You Need To Know:

The Biden administration announced a historic expansion to the nation’s food stamp program that will begin in October. Predictions indicate this decision will give more than 40 million Americans about 30% more to spend on groceries.

2. Democratic House Majority in Jeopardy 


What You Need To Know:

The midterm elections are only a year away. The elections are crucial to the current administration maintaining control of the House and the Senate.

3. Coronavirus Update: Virus Surge Could Lead to 100,000 More Deaths, Experts Say

What We Need To Know: 

According to research by Wall Street analysts, the surge in COVID-19 linked to the Delta variant is likely to kill at least 100,000 more Americans by the end of the year.

4. Protests Follow Murder of Black Man Over Loud Music

What You Need To Know:

The investigation continues into the murder of an African American man killed by a White security guard after an encounter over loud music. 

5. Obama Center Construction Begins in Chicago, Bringing Jobs and Growth

What You Need To Know:

Five years after Barack Obama chose a Chicago site for his presidential center, construction officially began Monday in an historic lakefront park on Chicago’s south side.