School buses back on the roads as students begin returning to school

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – As students return back to the classrooms, drivers should be aware as school buses are back in the roadways.

SC Trooper Nick Pye with the South Carolina Highway Patrol discuss reminders on how to properly drive near a bus to keep everyone safe.

“When you see a school bus, it should yell caution, there is a lot of precious cargo on it so we want to make sure every kid gets back and forth to school like they are supposed to,” said Trooper Pye.

Trooper Pye discusses the traffic rules regarding stopping for a bus depending where you are in traffic compared to the bus when stopped.

“If you are on a two lane highway with a school bus, and the school bus uses their warming lights and stop arm indicating a stop, if you are on a two lane highway, whether you are following in the same direction as the bus or approaching the bus in a different direction, you have to stop,” said Pye. “On a multi-lane highway, the only traffic that has to stop for the bus is the traffic that is going in the same direction as the school bus.”

Drivers should understand there will be more traffic out on the roads this week as students begin returning to school.

Trooper Pye says just stay patient and give yourself some extra time for that morning commute so you are not in a rush.