Charleston County School District students must wear masks to attend in-person classes

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County School District (CCSD) on Thursday announced that students will be required to wear face coverings to attend in-person classes.

Face coverings are required for students, teachers, staff, and visitors on all school properties and transportation.

The requirement will be in place from September 20 through October 15, but may be extended if necessary.

CCSD says that the requirement will be enforced without the use of General Assembly funds, and is therefore in compliance with State Budget Proviso 1.108.

The Board of Trustees released a statement reading in part:

“It remains our collective opinion that wearing facemasks in school is an essential health and safety measure. Just that simple act of each of us will help prevent severe illness or death from COVID and reduce the number of students who are forced to quarantine. The Board hopes that the COVID transmission rate will diminish between now and October 15. It is also our hope that everyone complies with the mask requirement for the greater good of all.

Religious and medical exemptions will be made.