NewsOne’s Top Stories Of The Week: Trump, Black Travelers, Woke Culture & More


NewsOne's Top Stories Of The Week

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Sunday, March 19

NewsOne's Top Stories Of The Week

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After being confined indoors due to the pandemic, many Black families are looking forward to spring and summer travel. According to Mandala Research, African American travelers spent $68 billion in 2018, with those seeking cultural experiences spending an average of $2,078. St. Lucia has emerged as a popular destination among Black travelers. However, those who are drawn to the island’s rich Caribbean culture, scenic landscapes, and exciting events.

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Monday, March 20

NewsOne's Top Stories Of The Week

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Conservative Twitter is ablaze with white nationalist outrage as the impending criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump draws near. Despite the charges stemming from accusations that he paid off porn star Stormy Daniels to remain quiet. About a sexual encounter they had during his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump himself took to social media over the weekend to announce his anticipation of arrest this Tuesday, leading his MAGA supporters to rally in support of their fallen leader.

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Tuesday, March 21

NewsOne's Top Stories Of The Week

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A group of hospital employees and seven sheriff’s deputies in Dinwiddie, Virginia, are facing second-degree murder charges for allegedly smothering 28-year-old Black man Irvo Otieno to death. However, the incident occurred after he was taken into custody over a mental health episode. Surveillance video shows as many as 10 deputies and hospital staffers at Virginia’s Central State Hospital piling on top of Otieno for approximately 11 minutes while he was shackled and until he had completely stopped moving. While the family of Otieno and their attorneys, including civil attorney Ben Crump, viewed the video footage, and Dinwiddie County Commonwealth’s Attorney Ann Cabell Baskervill said additional charges and arrests are pending.

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Wednesday, March 22

NewsOne's Top Stories Of The Week

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Fox News is facing criticism for claiming that the word “woke” has been redefined to mean intolerance and racism. While many social media users and activists have pointed out that the term actually originated as a way to promote awareness and social justice, particularly for marginalized communities. However, critics accuse Fox News of trying to twist the meaning of the word to suit their own political agenda.

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Thursday, March 23

"SwarmRed Carpet Premiere And Screening In Los Angeles

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The latest sensation on Amazon Prime Video is “Swarm,” a dark and intense series created by Donald Glover and Janine Naber. However, the show has been captivating audiences worldwide, thanks in part to Dominique Fishback’s outstanding performance and the involvement of Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris’ special scene.

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Friday, March 24

Minnesota legislator challenges US Rep. Ilhan Omar

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Sen. Steve Drazkowski (R), a Minnesota Republican senator is trying to block a state bill that would require Holocaust and indigenous genocide lessons in schools. Additionally, he justifies his stance by drawing comparisons between the extermination of native populations and the supposed victimization of European settlers. Meanwhile, the senator especially uses a Trump-like narrative of “very fine people on both sides” to support his argument.

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Saturday, March 25

Soul Train Awards 2013

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R&B/jazz legend Bobby Caldwell died at the age of 71, due to Fluoroquinolone toxicity after taking an antibiotic back in 2017. Bobby is undeniably a pioneer of soul music, is mourned by many who acknowledge his contribution to laying the foundation for the genre that has influenced all others. This article highlights the 10 songs in honor of the legend’s decades of music. The list includes both popular and lesser-known songs that are sure to get play at any cookout.

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