TRIED IT: Flip-Over Fulani Braids Are My Latest Obsession

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Gone are the days of braids being reserved for vacation. Beauty mavens recognize that braids can be worn year-round thanks to the countless styling options. So, once I saw the trendy flip-over Fulani braids style, I had to try it for myself.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fulani braids, here’s a quick rundown. Fulani braids, which the Fulani people of Africa created, are a tribal braid style that features a mix of cornrows and box braids. Traditionally, the box braids are styled at the back of the head with cornrows in various patterns at the front. However, flip-over Fulani braids are a modern twist that features knotless braids at the crown with cornrows and curly strands added to the braids. In other words, it’s the perfect way to add extra pizzazz to the popular style.

While some folks are reintroduced to the wonders of braids, I’ve had a love affair with the style since my childhood. Braids come in major clutch to give you a break from everyday styling while serving as a protective style that can help your tresses grow. Braids are a win-win. Not to mention, various braid styles — from Fulani braids to braided ponytails — allow folks to bring their creativity to life.

Kadija Dosso, CEO and founder of Dosso Beauty sent over the brand’s Braid Box ($75,, which features six packs of Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair, Braid Shampoo ($10,, and the brand’s Edge Care Kit ($38, including a satin edge scarf and bonnet, edge control, hair elixir, and edge brush. So, I called my braid stylist to make an appointment to bring the flip-over Fulani braids to life.

Dosso Beauty Braid Box

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All about the install

The bundles arrived in two packs containing three bundles each, along with a gift card for a percentage off of a future order. Each bundle was wrapped in netting to prevent tangling and packaged in a plastic ziplock bag.

I’m usually hesitant about ordering colored braiding hair, but Dosso did not disappoint. I opted for #30, which is a reddish brown tone, in 28 inches, for a long, luxurious look.

My braid stylist, Kadija B., of Colleen’s House of Beauty in Flatbush, Brooklyn, raved about how soft the hair felt and how the color complimented my skin tone. Although the flip-over Fulani braids typically come with curly hair added, I decided to skip that step. This way, I won’t have to deal with matted hair as the style ages.


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After using four bundles to complete the style, Kadija oiled my scalp and applied mousse to set the look. She also applied a small amount of Pure O’s NeatBraid Conditioning Gel ($13.99, to my edges as a finishing touch. 

It’s been a week since my installation, and I love this look. I’ve been wearing my flip-over Fulani braids styled to the side, but I also love that I can experiment with putting my hair in a bun or allowing the loose braids at my crown to flow freely. 

I give this style a 10/10! If you want to switch things up in the braid department, this is the perfect way to jazz up your mane. I’m completely smitten.


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