“I’m actually angry at this one”; deli’s sign stolen amid rebuilding process

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The Pass, a deli Downtown Charleston is dealing with yet another setback, nearly two months after a car crashed into the restaurant.

“I’m actually angry at this one,” owner of The Pass, Anthony Marini said. “The crash I can understand, this was a little senseless with no benefit to anyone.”

After a car crashed into his deli in Feburary, he put a sign up so people would know they’re still taking orders as they rebuild.

Soon, the community began writing notes of encouragement on the sign, but Marini says the sign was stolen.

“When did this happen? Between Sunday at 5 pm and yesterday at 9 am,” Marini said.

For this to happen after the restaurant has already been through so much, neighboring businesses say they’re heartbroken for him.

“Just the thought of someone not really caring about their actions and how it effects small business owners,” manager of Made in Heaven, Jasper Polkey said.

Right now the Charleston Police Department is working to get surveillance footage, to find any suspects.

Marini says in the meantime. he’s thankful for the continued support the Charleston community has shown him.

“It’s very disappointing that somebody decided to do this. At the end of the day, we still have a lot of support from a lot of people in the community. People have already reached out to paint a mural, so I think we may go that route.”

Marini is offering anyone with information that leads to an arrest, $1,000.