Charleston Police Department hosts annual Unity Day

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The Charleston Police Department as well as other organizations hosted their annual Unity Day on Columbus Street in Downtown Charleston.

CPD officers like Fredric Mallett say this day is vital to help underserved members of the community.

“We have a collaboration to better the community and promote healthy living,” Mallett said.

Some of the vendors Saturday provided essential health and wellness services to people who are unsheltered and those at risk of losing housing.

Other vendors offered help with mental health care, medical care and medical insurance assistance.

“We have one purpose and that is to give back to our community. We are really striving to provide resources and education to those that are underserved and unsheltered. The unsheltered population is increasing significantly in Charleston,” SC Department of Mental Health representative, Caitlin McGarty said.

There were also healthy food preparation demonstrations as the event also focused on physical health.

“We want to help provide a healthy living. A lot of the residents didn’t know how to prepare some of the food. So we decided to host an event to teach them and give them more resources,” Mallett said.

The police department also said it’s a great way to build better community and police relationships

“We want to bridge that gap between policing and community and also give a different side of law enforcement. Just provide that wholesome outlook,” Mallett said.